The NICE SWIM website is devoted to the Olympic Champions Yannick AGNEL and Camille MUFFAT, and to their coach Fabrice PELLERIN, personalities managed by July29 Sports Management agency.
With both swimmers walking off with three medals at the recent London Olympics, Camille and Yannick have stamped their mark on French sporting history. This performance is the culmination of a human challenge underpinned by hard work, investment and search for excellence, values underlying their daily activities and which they want to share through this website.
Media, companies, institutions, fellow swimmers and supporters, this NICE SWIM site is for you.
You will be able to follow all their news, download photos and videos, order exclusive customized products, request their presence in your in-house or public relations events and benefit from performance consulting services.
Hope you enjoy it.

See Yannick Agnel and Camille Muffat exclusive NICE SWIM collections.

From simply sharing emotions to in-depth analysis of performance mechanisms, benefit from performance consulting services with Fabrice Pellerin.

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